Meena Bazaar held

On Saturday, vendors set up a meena bazaar in the masjed, highlighting clothing, scarves and jewelry from Pakistan to India to UAE! It was an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products, allowing individuals to purchase items to wear on Eid. According to Wikipedia, in the Mughal period in India, Meena Bazaars, also known as Kuhs Ruz (Days of Joy) were exclusively held for women over a period of several days. Emperor Humayun initiated them while Akbar and his successors made them more elaborate. The fair was closed to the public, but in modern times, these are especially meant for the public to attend as a means to raise money for businesses, charities, student causes etc. While only royalty was invited in the past to purchase items at high cost prices for charitable causes, today’s meena bazaars have become a way of not only highlighting personal entrepreneurship and giving people great deals, but also coming together as a community. IQRA Library also showcased a coloring and reading table for children while their moms were busy selling! Either way, bazaars are always fun!

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